The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence was created in 2003 with the financial support of the European Commission under its Jean Monnet Action and co-funded by the University of Manchester.

At the end of a three-year funding period its focus was broadened away from its initial concern with the European Union to European Studies more generally. At the same time the JMCE became more broadly based with partners from the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. More recently, in 2019, the University of Chester, also joined the JMCE as a partner.

The JMCE aims to provide a portal website for European Studies-related activities and research in Greater Manchester and the North West of England. The Centre aims to develop a platform to strengthen the intellectual community in European Studies, while also facilitating local, regional and international links with practitioners, researchers, students and others interested in European affairs.

We are committed to organising more public events and liaising with end-users of research such as Manchester City Council, NGOs and the Manchester Chamber of Commerce.


The Manchester Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence showcases European expertise across the three main Universities of the city. Its principal stakeholders are:

The University of Manchester

  • School of Arts, Languages and Cultures
  • School of Social Sciences
  • Manchester Business School

Manchester Metropolitan University



The Director of the JMCE:

  • Dr Silke Trommer, Senior Lecturer, Politics Department (UoM), Politics PGR Research Director, Co-Editor Globalizations, SSHRC project “Gender Mainstreaming in Global Trade”

The Deputy Directors of the JMCE:

Members of the JMCE Steering Committee:


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